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a minute of subway car fame

The lovely and talented Sara Lynn Michener posted a little story on her Facebook feed today about a run-in with a subway preacher. It reminded me of an experience I had back in June, during my last trip to NYC, that I had intended to blog about but never got around to. So I'll just repeat my comment on Sara's post, because I think it's a good story -- and because I'd like to encourage people to stand up and speak out when they see bigotry.

Had one of these moments when I was up there in June. Guy looked like he was from South America, preaching in Spanish (maybe Portuguese, I wouldn't know), a woman translating into English. Ok, we all just ignored them.

Then they started in on the homophobia. "God made man and woman, that's God's way, not man and a man or woman and a woman like you see today. Man and a woman! That's what God said!" Preaching homophobia in Manhattan? On a Village-bound train? Seriously? Fuhgetaboudit.

I couldn't keep quiet. "Lady, you heard God wrong," I said. (I can be louder than any subway preacher.) "All right, we've been tolerant, but that's enough! Take your homophobia somewhere else."

They got off at the next stop, glaring at me, probably labeling me one of Satan's minions. A few people on the car cheered and applauded, and two women who I'm presuming were a couple thanked me.

A minute of subway car fame; one of my allocated fifteen, I suppose, spent in good cause.

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