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Creed: A Personal Statement

I believe in the existence of a perfectly balanced combination of caffeine, alcohol, THC, and psilocybin.
I believe in rock and roll, and that all the wisdom we really need can be found somewhere in its lyrics.

I believe that there is a small but still significant chance that some government agency is keeping closer tabs on me than I'd like.

I don't believe in leading a life of quite desperation;
I believe in leading a life of screaming, crying, clawing desperation.

I believe no beverage should be served warmer than body temperature.

I believe that love could still save us all,
But that the odds aren't good
And I believe that makes me either a cynical romantic or a romantic cynic, but I'm not sure which.

I believe that confusion is good for the soul,
And that moderation is a fine thing - if used in moderation.

I believe that however good poetry gets,
Under the right circumstances, silence is more eloquent.

I believe that Bugs Bunny
Has the Buddha Nature,
And Daffy Duck is the inheritor of the mantle
Of Eris, and Loki, and Trickster Coyote.

I believe that dogs are far wiser than cats, and have much to teach us.

I believe that people who talk about how wonderful and innocent and joyous childhood is have forgotten what it was like to be a child.

I believe that the habitual wearing of a necktie decreases blood flow to the brain, and kills the regions responsible for creative and independent thought.

I believe that it is better to stay up until 6 a.m.
Than to get up at 6 a.m.

I believe that if the human race doesn't destroy itself, we will evolve into gods.
Or at least angels.

With wings built by the Wright Brothers,
And Tsiolkofski
And Goddard.
And with electric guitars instead of harps
To jam with
The music of the spheres.

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Tom Swiss