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If Only

He dreams of her on lonely nights
When the world seems dark and cold.
He could be a knight in tarnished armor
For her, he'd be brave and bold -

If only he could find the voice
To make his feelings known.
But tho' he'd fight and die for her,
He's scared dumb as a stone.

He's in her daydreams all the time,
His love's her heart's desire.
Her touch could melt his heart, her kiss
Would set his soul on fire -

If only she could find the voice
To make her feelings known.
For him she'd walk a thousand miles
But it's too far too the phone.

And so they pass, and never know
Of romance that might be;
It would take just a single word
To let their hearts fly free -

If only they could find the voice
To make their feelings known!
But fear can conquer love sometimes,
And keeps them both alone.

If only we could find the voice
To make our feelings known!
But fear does conquer love most times
And keeps us all alone.

Tom Swiss