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``Entropy always wins''

Entropy always wins.
Rots flesh. Rusts steel. Grinds stone.
Eats nations.

Welcome to the end of the American Century.
Stock up on canned goods and ammunition, and keep your head down.
Because entropy has teeth made of lead, and fuel oil and fertilizer, and fire.

So what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Is slouching toward...Oklahoma City. Waco, Texas. Downtown Los Angeles.
What rough beast is slouching towards Washington D.C., the Capitol building, the White House?
What rough beast is driving a tank down the freeway in San Diego?
What rough beast is moving its slow thighs in the wasteland of television?
What rough beast is logging on to the Internet?

And didn't I see its fiery face
When the library at Alexandria burned?
Didn't I see it handing out feathers at the vomitorium, so that gluttony need not be limited by biology,
(And today handing out artificial sweeteners and fat substitutes?)
Didn't I see its shadow fall
Across the ruins of a hundred hundred civilizations?

Or was that just the sun setting
On another Empire?

Tom Swiss