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``We invited Dionysus over for the party
Friday night''

We invited Dionysus over for the party Friday night - what a mistake!
I mean, sure, he brought a lot of booze, but those crazy women who came with him drank most of it.
I tried flirting with one of them; they'll take the stitches out in two weeks.

Still, at least he didn't bring Poseidon with him this time.
Remember the storm he cooked up in the hot tub last Solstice? We finally got all the water damage fixed.

Oh, by the way, Aphrodite stopped by, she sends her love. She went to see Prometheus at the hospital, his liver transplant went well.

Zeus's memoirs is still on the best seller list; but sex always sells, doesn't it?

And I saw Hades the other day; he says he hopes to see you soon.

Tom Swiss