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``Hey, Mister Coffin-maker''

Hey, Mister Coffin-maker
Plane those pine boards carefully;
An eternity of splinters
Is more than I could bear.
Please, Mister Undertaker
Nail that lid down nice and tight;
Don't want no worms
To get in there.

Hey, Mister Grave-Digger
Dig my hole down six foot deep;
I don't want nothin'
To disturb my bones.
Please, Mister Stone-cutter
Only use your best chisel
When you carve the words
On my tombstone.

Hey, Mister Preacher-man
Send me off with some kind words.
I don't believe in heaven,
Though the thought is nice.
Please, Mister Grounds-keeper,
When the winter sky falls down
Don't let my name be buried
Beneath the ice.

Tom Swiss