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Assorted Haiku

If this had a title, it would be ``Love/hate Haiku.''

It seems wrong to me
That while hatred shouts out loud
Love softly whispers

An English Poem in a Japanese style about a Greek myth

Icarus, his wings
Melting as he flew too high
Cries, ``At least I tried.''

Winter Solstice in Hell Haiku

Persephone ate
One damned pomegranate seed
Now my heart is cold.

Urination Meditation Haiku

The white porcelain
Says, ``American Standard''
I read as I piss.

Nature Makes Art From Trash Haiku

Torn sheet of plastic,
Levitated by the wind
Is made beautiful.

A Love Haiku to Dark-Eyed Beauty I Have Known

Tell me why it is
That when I look in your eyes
I run out of words.

Tom Swiss