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Poetic License

There's no blurry photograph on my
Poetic license;
I didn't have to
Parallel park in iambic pentameter
To get it.

I don't have to show my
Poetic license
To the doorman
To get into a bar.

I don't have to show my
Poetic license
To cash a check.

I don't have to wait in line to get my
Poetic license,

They won't take away my
Poetic license,
For writing too fast,
For failure to come to a complete stop at the end of the page,
Or for rhyming under the influence.

It's a license to take you further
Than any internal combustion engine ever could.

A license to fish,
For just the right word.

A license to carry
A loaded pun.

A license to kill
Rules of grammar and syntax,
All in the name of art.

Poetic license -
Apply for yours today.

Tom Swiss