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``The man who owns nothing''

The man who owns nothing
Cannot lose his possessions.
The man with no expectations
Cannot be disappointed.
The man with no illusions,
Cannot be disillusioned.
The man who is indifferent to the opinions of others,
Cannot be insulted.

This is the value of divine detachment.

The rest of us, however, aren't so lucky.
I can read the Bhagavad-Gita all day
But that won't pay the rent,
And my knowledge of the Tao Te Ching
Won't get me laid.
Asked the Buddha why, he said
``Hey, I don't understand women either.''

Guess that's why monks take vows of chastity,
And why I know that that kind of enlightenment
Isn't for me.

Ah, who wants to be a wise man anyway?

Tom Swiss