Electric Visions: Pixel Arrangements by Tom Swiss

I've been interested in what computers can do to images since I started POKEing random numbers into the video memory of my TRS-80 Color Computer in the early 1980s. Digital processing allows me to combine the immediate composition of a simple snapshot (or sometimes of a found image) with later experiments in color and focus in ways that suggest the transformation of vision and thought.

Signed limited edition prints are available, more info on that coming soon. Meanwhile please contact me at for details if you're interested in purchasing one.

Copyright Tom Swiss. All rights reserved. (For now. There will be a Creative Commons thing when I figure out what's appopriate.)

Bmore Psychedelic 1, 2, and 3

This series of images is based on a photo of Baltimore at night taken from space...tip of the pixels to NASA.


Fractal Broccoli

Nara Pagoda

Occupy Altar

Spectres and Masks

(based on an image from Popular Science seen here. To the best of my determination the orginial image is now in the public domain.)


Crane Fells Point

Zazen Ultraman