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Infamous Industries: skills for hire

speaker to machines
Linux, PHP, C++: my tech resume
EarthTouch Shiatsu
acupressure, massage, personal training
Catonsville Seido Karate
traditional Japanese karate & practical self-defense in Catonsville, MD
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What is Tom up to now? What's he been writing and recording, and what events is he scheming? See the "What's New?" page!

  • I'll be appearing at the Starwood Festival 39.5, an on-line event to keep the momentum of Starwood going as best we can during the COVID-19 crisis. Leading a prosperity ritual, based on a Shinto money-washing ritual, on Wednesday evening, playing a lunchtime concert on Thursday, and working with the Family of Fire on Friday night.
  • Check out the blog at Patheos: The Zen Pagan.
  • What Does It Mean For The Gods To Exist? and other essays is now available in paperback and ebook, including a FREE Creative Commons ebook version.
  • My shiatsu practice has recently reopened, and you can now request an appointment on-line. Also I am now making personal training sessions available, either on-line or in-person outdoors. Whether you've never exercised, are getting your strength back after illness or injury and want to combine gentle exercise with shiatsu treatments, or are already in shape and want a "black belt boot camp" workout to take you to the next level, contact me for a free consultation.

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Infamous Productions: Books, blogs, performances, art

Why Buddha Touched The Earth
a book about "Zen Paganism", now available from Megalithica Books
What Does It Mean for the Gods to Exist?
an essay collection, from theology to the Ferguson Uprising
The Zen Pagan
my blog at Patheos Pagan
Sky Hand Road
a blog: stumbling down the path of karate-do
bizarre acts of poetry
some of my poems
Lo Fi, No Talent
a demo album


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Questions? Offers of fortune and fame? Send 'em to me
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