New and upcoming stuff:

the infamous tms
my blog for phi­los­o­phy and spir­i­tu­al­ity, poetry and music, and personal musings
The Zen Pagan
my blog at Patheos Pagan
Why Buddha Touched The Earth
a book about "Zen Paganism", now available from Megalithica Books
Peace And Long Life
a blog on health­ful, sustain­able, & com­pas­sion­ate living (in development)
electric visions
interesting(?) arrangements of pixels
interesting ideas, groups, and people
Questions? Offers of fortune and fame? Send 'em to me
lectures and workshops
I do like to talk
Sky Hand Road
a blog: stumbling down the path of karate-do
Catonsville Seido Karate
traditional Japanese karate in Catonsville, MD
Tom's big ego
people talk to me and about me

the numerous and diverse worlds of
Tom "the infamous tms" Swiss

EarthTouch Shiatsu
acupressure & massage
bizarre acts of poetry
some of my poems
Zelda's Inferno
an informal poetry workshop
Lo Fi, No Talent
a demo album
the unreasonable man
linkity-tumbly gonzo blogging on politics, culture, and technology
speaker to machines
Linux, PHP, C++: my tech resume

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Why "infamous tms" and ""? Because since the early 1990s, my e-mail address has been <my initials>@<various places>; and before Facebook there was this thing called USENET where we used to argue all the time. So several people who met me in person after knowing me via USENET by my e-mail address said something like "Ah, you're the infamous tms."

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