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Stuff I'm actively involved with:

Tom reading poetry, May 2005
Sowebo festival 2005. Photo by Doreen Peri.

Some groups I'm currently or formerly a member of:

Politics, etc:

Philosophy and Intriguing ideas:

The Drooling Fanboy section: (local, underground, and off-beat acts you've probably never heard of, but should!)

  • Kiva, the "pagan supergroup", "a percussive, acoustic, worldbeat ensemble that celebrates the magic of nature and ancient bardic traditions with music that opens the heart and heals the spirit."
  • Big Blow and the Bushwackers, an indescribable folk/jazz/world music thing involving didgeridoo, tuba, mandolin, musical saw...and a whole lot of fun.
  • Chris Chandler, playing in the border where poetry meets folk music meets genius, along with folk musician Anne Feeney, the "Union Maid".
  • Telesma, "neo-classical post-industrial psychedelic primordial space fusion." Oh, yeah. And yes, I did help save the life of one of the members. Take a CPR class, you migt save someone cool.
  • Bob Pyle, songwriter and banjo player who's one of the most off the wall and creative people it is my pleasure to know. Used to run a Tuesday night open mic at Side Streets in Ellicott City, at which I would often perform. (After this and this, we'll be saying a big hello to everyone in domestic surveillance...)
  • The Pain - When Will it End? is a comic appearing in the Baltimore City Paper (and a few other scattered alternative weeklies) that I didn't care for at all the first few years of it's run. Now it's often a highlight of my Wednesdays. Tim Kreider's artist statements on the website are often brilliant.
  • And on the topic of comics, see also Lulu Eightball by Emily Flake. (Is it sad to develop a crush on a woman you have never met, or even seen a photo of, based on a comic she draws?)

Links to Family and Friends:

I do actually have more friends than this. Most just don't have web sites...
  • My Dad, Mark Swiss, Realtor and baseball umpire (an upstanding citizen who should not be judged by the weirdness of his eldest son)
  • I've been friends with artist, designer, and didgeridoo player Mike Gurklis since we were in kindergarten in 1975.
  • The lovely and talented Hillary Banachowski is always doing something creative and interesting.
  • Robin Gunkel, founder of Zelda's Inferno, poet and living poem, inspiration of songs, my hostess for two trips to Japan, and target of one of my hopeless crushes...
  • My friends Dorian (yet another software guy) and Amethyst (massage therapist and high priestess of the Den of Iniquity...)
  • I met Eric C. Anderson when we worked together at IBM Annapolis for a while: software engineer, rainforest explorer, ecotourism entrepreneur, installer of the first Internet servers in the Brazilian Amazon, and generally interesting fellow.
  • Dogs I have known and loved
  • And more friends and acquaintances via the inevitable MySpace page (this one's mine too) and Facebook profile.